Why do we give?

As Christians we are called to give generously.  Paul wrote to the church in Corinth ‘On the first day of every week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with your income’ [1 Cor 16.2] Your amazing contributions, in terms of both your time and money, have a huge effect on lives locally and beyond.

Time & Talent
Our talents are part of what we have received from God and we can choose to grow our generosity in giving them for the service of others. Volunteers at Sunnyside Church do amazing things and make a big difference to our church community and beyond.  Please sign up on our Volunteer! Page.

The vast majority of money we receive comes from you. We receive no government, lottery or local authority funding. What small extra income we do earn, comes from the use of the church for certain services and from hire of the hall.


Where are we now?

It is hard to believe, but it costs more than £16,000 per month to run Sunnyside Church! The following charts shows a breakdown of our running costs including our annual parish share paid to the Church of England.

church expensesparish share

This parish share works out like this:

Ministry support (49%): includes diocesan clergy, lay staff & practical support from the diocese, all of which we pay for.
Vicar costs (29%): David’s salary, pension, national insurance, vicarage costs (including maintenance) & council tax.
Training (15%): training ordinands & future clergy, an increasingly important area as we seek to help train the next generation of church leaders.
National and specific parish support (7%): in other words, Head Office costs which include support for the national church but also for any local parishes in financial need.
To be honest, in recent times it has been a bit of a struggle to make ends meet! There are all sorts of things we’d love to start doing but sometimes we simply haven’t got the funds to do it. Additionally, 2016’s budget currently shows a deficit of £12,000.

However, it’s not all bad news as we’re excited about our recent TRIO campaign which was able to address some of these potential issues. See here for more information on TRIO.


How can I give?

With the start of TRIO, we’ve also begun using a new national method of managing giving known as the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS). We’re asking for our giving to be regular, proportionate to income and prayerful, and PGS is a great way of doing that. It helps us to plan our future finances, incorporates gift aid and protects against inflation devaluing your gift (if you also tick the box which agrees to an annual inflation increase). This PGS method also saves us administration time and the service is provided free to us through the Parish Share, so really, it’s win win! Gift forms explaining this scheme are available from the lobby, the Church office or here.

Standing orders and the envelope scheme are still ways of giving to Sunnyside, but they do cause a bit more work and so we’re hoping that over time we can all adopt the Parish Giving Scheme.

Gift Day
Annually too in May, we ask you to support Gift Day, all the money from which is given away. Historically this raises an extra 25%, but none of it is spent on our own running costs. It all goes to support the wider church and individuals in mission, both in our region and around the world (see our Friends and Connections).  In 2016, we were able to give away some £46,000, including Gift Aid.

Gift Aid
Furthermore, if you Gift Aid your donations we’ll receive an extra 25 pence for every pound you donate under the Gift Aid scheme, at no extra cost to you! The PGS form includes a declaration, and if you have not filled one in for Sunnyside before now, there are new declaration forms available here. Old Gift Aid declarations remain valid for the time being.

The biblical principles of giving which Christians follow in their lifetime have their equivalents when you are deciding upon how to share your possessions after you’ve gone. In the past, our church has been greatly blessed by gifts from those who’ve remembered us in their wills. Please therefore read our legacies leaflet. There are some simple steps to follow, if you would like to set aside a future sum of money for Sunnyside.