Standing Firm in Christ


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    Jane Porter says

    can’t find / work out how to get at download audio so can’t print notes. Used to be much simpler

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      Church Office says

      Hi Jane
      I’m sorry you are having difficulty accessing the audio files and notes.

      On the website:
      Click on Resources
      Click on Sermons and House Group Notes
      Click on “Continue Reading” for the sermon that you want to hear to open the sermon page (you can also click on the sermon title and it will open the sermon page)

      House Group Notes – click on the blue book icon just underneath the sermon title to open the House Group notes

      Audio files:
      Recordings of both the 9.00am and 10.30am sermons are available. Listen to the sermon by clicking on the >Play button for whichever sermon you wish to listen to.
      If you want to download the sermon, click on the Download Audio button to the top right of the black audio area

      I hope you will find this useful. If you have any further difficulties please let us know.


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