TRIO: THE RESPONSIBILITY IS OURS is all about the future of our church community.  Every church member is asked to take their share of the responsibility for ensuring that our church can continue as a thriving outward looking church that welcomes new members and can demonstrate that it is serious about its mission to Love, Grow and Serve.

TRIO asks us to review:

  • The time we give to service: helping with worship and all our various activities and the practical tasks that need to be done every day, every week, every month.
  • The money we give to support the church financially: as a church community we must pay for our running costs and the maintenance of our church, grounds and hall.

Please view our TRIO description and TRIO Summary Leaflet which will give you a wealth of information about the church finances: What we spend the money on and the areas where we could do more if we had more funds. They also outline how best to contribute and the various methods by which you can give.  You may find you have a question which is answered in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and if you want some help working out how much you might be expected to give, based on your income, take a look at this proportionate giving guide. All the presentation materials can be found below and the audio file can be found here. It follows the reading and sermon and starts at the 10-minute point.

TRIO has coincided with the introduction of the new Parish Giving Scheme, which is explained more fully in the Give section of the website.

Additional resources are available here:


The TRIO campaign finished in April 2016 resulting in an increase of £36,000 per year to enabled the ministry and mission of Sunnyside to take place. We are overwhelmed and so thankful to God as well as all who took part.