Visit of Sam & Abby Baguma

Sam and Abby Baguma currently live and work in the African country of Chad with MAF, Mission Aviation Fellowship. They will be visiting Sunnyside on Sunday 1st May to share some stories of their lives with MAF. They’ll be giving a brief snapshot of what life in Chad looks like for them during The Nine & The Ten Thirty services, but we’ve made sure there’s space to hear a bit more afterwards.

At 11.40ish, (or whenever the Ten Thirty finishes!) they’ll be sharing in more depth in the Bruekelman Room at Sunnyside. We’d love you to invite you to come and meet Sam & Abby and hear about the amazing work they’re doing. 



How are they linked to Sunnyside?
Sunnyside first came to hear of Sam, through Jenny Ottewell, our long-serving CMS link mission partner. She and Sam worked together for the Church of Uganda on the Namirembe Resource Centre, which Sunnyside helped to fund.  Later, Sam spent 15 months training as an auditor in Bristol, visiting Sunnyside several times.  He qualified in Kenya and became a country manager for Cure International, a charity caring for disabled kids across Africa.  Through the CMS connection too, Sam had met Abby, who was working then in its London HQ.

Sam and Abby got married in 2007, and are blessed with 2 daughters: Rachel (4) & Rebecca (2).  When they joined Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), we discovered that coincidentally Diana White, who had just joined Sunnyside, was a new MAF UK Trustee. They’re now supported with funds from Gift Day.

What is Mission Aviation Fellowship?
Since 1966, MAF has been flying for churches, missions and NGOs that provide humanitarian services, medical care and education, as well as being a Christian witness to people living in Chad’s very remote and isolated areas.  Not an easy place for a young family of 4 to live, but MAF’s operation in Chad is strategically vital to the work of many other Christian missions in that country and beyond. Visit the MAF website to see more.


Why are they in Chad?
Sam and Abby accepted God’s call from MAF to head up MAF’s operation in Chad and after months of training in all the complexities of aviation, Sam and the family finally moved to Chad in 2014.  Chad is Africa’s fifth-largest nation, but suffers from inadequate infrastructure and internal conflict. It is one of the poorest countries in Africa.  Its post-independence history (from 1960) has been marked by instability and violence, between the mainly Arab-Muslim north and the predominantly Christian south. A Presidential Election was held on 10 April.  The incumbent has been in power for 25 years and is seeking another mandate.  Opposition has been intense.  The result will be announced on the 25 April.  All forms of media have been banned, amid grave concerns about the security situation.  With all this in mind, PLEASE PRAY FOR CHAD!map-chad (1)


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