An update from Heidi Longworth

For many years, Heidi Longworth was a part of Sunnyside as the Music Director. Following this, she moved to Romania to serve as a Christian missionary. See below for her latest update with all that is going on in Romania. If you’d like to sign up to receive her newsletter, you can do that by clicking here.

This year has been packed full! After surviving the winter cold, my year so far has been all about packing and re-packing my bag! I spent a few weeks in England over Easter, during March and April, and then came back to Romania to celebrate Easter all over again at the beginning of May. For the third year running I organised prayer stations for Maundy Thursday, this time weaving the theme of the cross with the series we had just finished on the first 5 chapters of the book of Revelation. It was a really profound time and has become an integral part of how we celebrate Easter at DeoGloria church!

The Easter Sunday service was exciting as it was the first time our new drummer played for all the songs in one service and she did really well! The music group is continuing to flourish with a relatively new electric guitar player too. We are currently praying for a better speaker for him with some effects to make it sound even better!

We have a team from the Faroe Islands who come over to visit Sunshine in the Villages every year to give us clothes and shoes to help the families in the villages, and they invited us three girls who live in the house (Cristina, Alina and myself) to go and visit them for the whole of the month of May! We spoke in various churches, went on a fishing trip, and were even interviewed for the national TV! We were completely spoiled the whole time and it was a wonderful time of sight seeing and a break away, but more importantly, a time of deepening friendships with some very special people. We are looking forward to seeing them again soon, as they come in October.608bd6b1-5966-489a-97de-046940050bb0

With July came the children’s camp at Varmaga – an amazing week filled with fun and love for the children who need a break away from home. The theme was how prayer changes the heart of God, and we used the story of Jonah as the basis for the lessons each day. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us leaders to get to know the children even better, as one hour a week in each of the village groups is limited! Many of the children dedicated their lives to God during the week, and it was a privilege to see God working in them.

From there, I went straight to a worship school to teach music theory and generally be available to the students to give advice on their compositions, and life in general. It was a week in which I was as blessed as much as I was a blessing, and made friends with people from all over Romania and the Reublic of Moldova!

I then spent some time in England for a wedding and visiting family, including a visit to Guernsey to see my brother and meet his new fiancee. Apart from suffering a severe cold, it was a relaxing time, and lovely to catch up with friends and family.

I came straight back to a conference called ‘History Makers’. I was invited to go as the worship leader, but again, I gained much more than I gave! It was a course intended for young leaders, encouraging them to find and put into practice the vision or the calling that God has for their lives but there was much in it for me and others who had done the course several times. There were speakers from America, Russia, Repubic of Moldova and Romania, and as there was also a participant from Albania, we sang ‘The splendour of the king’ in 4 different languages which was a really profound moment of worship!

So now I’m back home for a while and things are beginning to look towards the new school year. The next few weeks will be focussed on sorting a few practical things around the apartment and then getting back into the swing of a routine again.

I’m full of thanks for how God is working in many people and situations around me. There was a long time when I couldn’t really see what God was up to, but I feel recently that my eyes have been opened and I can see just how full of grace each moment is, and how good God is in answering my prayers, even if it takes longer than I think it should!!

I’d appreciate prayer still for the other people who live in my apartment block – there is a lack of community, and from what I gather there is a long history of arguments and lack of working together on anything. There are various problems in the block, including the roof needing repair, and a huge loss of water somewhere (it’s possible that someone is actually stealing it!), and no-one seems to want to do anything about it, and no-one seems to think anything can be done about it! So my prayer is that God will take control of these things and that he will work to bring unity and love here.

I’m also still holding faith that I will get a car soon. Whilst it wasn’t really necessary before, the things I’ve been doing more recently do require a reliable and decent sized car to be able to get around with people and keyboard etc. I have received a large proportion of the money and am still praying for the remainder, but I know God is faithful and he will provide when the time is right!

For Sunshine in the Villages, it would be good to pray that the work God started at camp would be continued over this coming school year and that the children and young people would continue to grow in their faith. We are praying for the young people to grow into upstanding citizens and make a difference to Romania, instead of giving into the lack of hope and unfair possibilities that seems to invade their thinking.

At DeoGloria Church, it’s encouraging to see things moving and growing. The contract on our building ends at the ends of this year, so we are praying for God to provide us with somewhere to meet (preferably with more space and the scope to grow into the vision we have for Hunedoara).

Thank you once again for all your love, support and prayers – it really does make a huge difference. And even if I’ve not been so great at keeping in touch on the emails, please know that I do regularly thank God for all of you and pray that you will also be blessed as you bless me with your support.

With love,


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