Heidi is Visiting!

Heidi is coming back to Sunnyside! Many of you will know or have heard of Heidi but if you don’t here’s a bit of info about her.

Heidi was our Worship and Music Director from 2001 – 2010. She visited Romania several times on Sunnyside trips organised by Task Force Romania and ended up living there after leaving her role with us! God called her to make a new life in Hunedoara and she has been working very fruitfully there ever since.

Some of her work involves two projects; Deo Gloria Church, where she is worship leader and Sunshine in the Villages, a charity which leads children’s groups in remote areas around Hunedoara (see their website to find out why its Sunshine that transports them there!). Our Gift Day donations support Sunshine in the Villages. Alongside this, Heidi also works in support of other disadvantaged groups.

She will be here for Saturday’s prayer breakfast at 8am if you’d like to catch up with her. Heidi is available throughout the day and would love to meet with many of her Sunnyside friends! Get in touch with her if you’re around!

To learn more about her Romanian ministry and life, come to the Nine next Sunday, where she’s doing a Mission slot. We can’t wait to hear more about what she’s been up to!

If you’d like to support her financially, there’s an opportunity after the Nine to buy her Mum’s book of reflections on Genesis (£12 each on Sunday or on Kindle from Amazon under Jeannette Longworth).


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    Peter Hyatt says

    It’s this coming weekend, folks! 10/11 December.

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