Breakfast with the Price Family

On Saturday 24th June, we’re looking forward to hosting a breakfast at Sunnyside with James and Joanna Price. Back from their second year in South East Asia, James & Joanna will be sharing stories and highlights of their God adventures working with Raja refugees. The focus of their work is befriending and visiting people they meet at English classes, serving them where they can by helping them access healthcare, and UNHCR applications. They are in the depths of language and culture learning – easier said than done as its an oral language with no resources to help! James grew up in Berkhamsted, attending Sunnyside before heading off to university in Leeds. He and Joanna married in 2009 and have two young children: William (4) and Bethan (2). 

The Raja are a stateless, least reached people group originating from Myanmar who are considered to be the worlds most friendless people group. Ongoing violence in Myanmar has led to increased numbers of refugees in the region. They have no rights in their host countries and face persecution and injustice on a daily basis.

Come along at 9.30am for bacon sandwiches and coffee at church and hear all about the exciting work the Price family are doing. 


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