Refract Service

On Sunday 25th June at 6.30pm, the youth from our local churches are coming together to lead an evening service at Sacred Heart Church. The service is for everyone, run by the young people.


An article was written recently about a Refract service and we loved it so much we thought we would use it again:

“Refract… What an appropriate name for the coming together of people of different Christian backgrounds confident enough in their faith to meet and worship together! When were you last brave enough to attend a service that might take you out of your familiar comfort zone? We see few teenagers attending our regular morning services and might think they have given up on religion, but the Refract services are a real eye opener! Several times a year, young Christians from our local churches get together to worship the God whom we all serve. They organise a service of worship designed for everyone to attend. They plan and lead the whole event, not only the music & singing, but the welcoming, the prayers, even the sermon! How often do we find the grace to really listen, and learn from the spiritual wisdom of a sixteen year old? I would heartily recommend the Refract Service to you. Go on! Try it. Once in a while, all you seniors, let me urge you to try stepping outside your comfort zones, and come and worship God together with the young people of this town. I guarantee you will be bowled over by their dedication, enthusiasm and commitment. Let them lead you and teach you.”

Jane Porter


Jane has excellently described the amazing talents of the young people across Berkhamsted and we love spending time with them and encouraging them in their faith. We would love for you to come and support our young people on Sunday!

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