Essentials for the Christian Journey

Like many of you, I am thinking about how I might use my holiday this year and where I might travel to. Some of the journeys will be relatively short and some will take me further afield; some will be to see people I love and some to explore new places. As part of the process I am calculating the cost, planning how to get the most from my visits and thinking about what to pack. There are some essentials for me if I am to journey safely and well: clothes and wash bag of course but also books. Books to entertain, books to inform, books to enrich.

Since the new year, we have been doing a series in our morning services on Paul’s letter to the Philippians which shows us what it looks like to live as a mature follower of Jesus. During Lent we are going to follow on from this and take a look at some of the things we might need if we are to grow in faith. Holy Habits: 5 essentials for the Christian Journey will help us to think about some of the things that followers of Jesus have found essential for their journey through life. We will explore worship, prayer, study, service and fasting across all three of our Sunday services.

One of the extraordinary things about the church family at Sunnyside is the willingness of so many people to help out in an enormous number of ways. In doing so, they not only enable much of our worship and outreach to take place, but they are imitating Jesus, the Servant King. At the Last Supper, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and commanded his friends to copy his example and show their love for each other in practical ways. That is what those who serve us at church are doing: they are showing their love for Jesus and for us and enabling us to experience something of God’s love. I wonder if God is prompting more of us to follow his example of service. If he is prompting you, do have a chat with me and together we can see how you can respond to his call.

These are just some of the opportunities to serve at Sunnyside: cleaning, gardening, flower arranging, coffee making, reading at services, leading prayers, service warden, music, prayer ministry, tech team, Sundays’ Cool, The Edge, Messy Church, Monday Lunch Club, admin, pastoral visiting, PCC, Mission Groups, Community Cafe, house groups, organising social activities, mentoring…

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all those who serve us: those who do tasks we see and those whose service is known only to God. Thank you! I am looking forward to exploring some Holy Habits with you and I am praying that they will help us all to grow as followers of Jesus.

with love and prayers



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