Holy Habits

We have just begun Lent, a season of preparation before the celebration of Easter Sunday. Many people will have begun some sort of fasting or discipline to follow for the next forty days, whether it’s saying goodbye to chocolate and coffee or trying to practice a more generous way of life, Lent is a perfect opportunity to form patterns that enrich our lives. At Sunnyside we’ll be embarking on a new teaching series over the next five weeks, look at Holy Habits. We’ll be looking at five essentials for the Christian journey as we use this opportunity to develop ways of living that help us to grow more like Jesus.

We’re kicking off this Sunday by looking at worship and over the next few weeks we’ll also focusing on prayer, study, service and fasting. The teaching in our morning services will focus on these themes with our evening service providing opportunity to engage deeper with these topics whilst practically making space to apply these habits to our lives. Why not use this Lent to engage more with God and develop your ‘Holy Habits’?

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