What would Jesus write to us?

This Sunday we are starting a new sermon series exploring the first three chapters of the Book of Revelation. We are going to look at the letters to the seven churches as we prepare for our weekend away. As we do so, we will be asking ourselves what would Jesus say to us? What would he say we are doing well? What would he say we need to improve? We need to listen to what he says if we are to remain faithful and grow in spirit and in number.

‘Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’  (Revelation 2.7)


Revelation: What would Jesus write to us?

9th September           Introduction         Revelation 1
Setting the scene: what would Jesus write to us at Sunnyside and Bourne End?

16th September         Ephesus             Revelation 2.1-7
The church has remained faithful to the Gospel but lost their first love for Jesus.

23rd September Smyrna Revelation 2.8-11
The church is spiritually rich but is encouraged to remain faithful when persecuted.

30th September Pergamum Revelation 2.12-17
The church is divided and needs to have the courage to be faithful.

7th/14th October Thyatira Revelation 2.18-29
The church is committed to grow in service but fatally flawed by compromise.

Harvest: 7th October Sunnyside & 14th October St John’s , Bourne End

 21st October Sardis Revelation 3.1-6
The church has become complacent and needs to urgently wake up.

28th October Philadelphia Revelation 3.7-13
The church is encouraged to continue growing in faith and push forward in mission.

4th November Laodicea Revelation 3.14-22
The church is lukewarm but it is never too late to repent.


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