How are your Holy Habits getting on?

During Lent, we thought about some Holy Habits: worship, prayer, study, service and fasting. These are five essentials which will help us in our Christian journey to grow nearer to God. Advent is a good time to reflect how we are getting on with developing these Holy Habits as we get ready for Christmas.

Each Wednesday we meet at 9.30 for a service in Sunnyside (5th Sundays we are at Bourne End) which lasts about 40 minutes. We have just begun a series on the opening chapters of Luke which are full of excited anticipation of who Jesus is and what he was born to do. Why not come and join us? It will help with three of your Holy Habits (worship, prayer and study) and be a wonderful opportunity for some peace at a busy time of year. The service is followed by coffee so it is a chance to catch up with your Sunnyside and Bourne End friends too!

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