Weekend Away

More than 130 members of Sunnyside – ranging in age from from 0 to 90 – gathered at High Leigh for a weekend of work and play. We knew that God had good things planned for us and he blessed us beyond expectations. There was the joy of worshipping together; there was the fun of playing together; there was the growth of learning together; there was the discovery of reflecting together. Our hopes and prayers that we would draw nearer to God and one another were abundantly answered as we explored what God was saying to us through Jesus’ teaching about the vine and the branches (John 15.1-17) . We used this passage to help us answer the question: ‘what does it mean for us to be the body of Christ in Sunnyside in 2018?’ Through talks, activities and discussion, we thought about our identity as Children of God, our purpose as fruitful followers of Jesus and our context as people called to love our neighbours.

I would like to thank all those whose hard work made the weekend such a success and all those who came and were willing to get involved. Thank you! We will be reflecting on what we have learnt and drawing some plans together so that we can build on what was achieved at the weekend. Watch this space!

If you missed the weekend, some of the talks and summaries of them will soon be on the website. There will also be a potted version of my talks at both of our services this Sunday (24th November).

Please do keep sharing what God is saying to you as we are eager to hear and want to step into what he is calling us to be and do in this season so we might be even more fruitful as a church.

with love and prayers


‘Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’
Revelation 2.7 et al


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    kathy O'Dair says

    It was so good to be away as a church family exploring the way forward for Sunnyside together and having lots of fun on the way.

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