Bex Henderson is speaking on 16th December!

Through prayers and our Gift Day donations we have been supporting Bex Henderson who has been working with Jenga in Uganda.  This year Bex began a new LOVED Children’s Centre in the heart of Namatala, Mbale’s largest urban slum, where children are able to come and access nutritional meals, early years play and medication in a safe, loving space.

LOVED Children’s Centre not only reaches some of the neediest children, but has also partnered with a local charity school who provide experienced social workers to work directly with the parents. By offering parenting trainings, income generating business support and savings groups, the parents of children at the centre can be equipped to provide for their families on their own.

We are so excited to have Bex speaking at the 9am service on Sunday 16th December.  All are welcome to come and hear about the wonderful, but challenging, work that Bex is doing in Uganda.

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