Sermon Series : Worship the Lord!

The new sermon series at Sunnyside and St John’s will explore what worship is and how we might grow in it.  We will be using the Psalms to help us expand our understanding of worship and discover how we might worship God more deeply.  The Psalms are the great hymn book of the Bible which is why we are focussing on them for this series, but we will also draw on other passages from the Old and New Testaments as we look at the subject of worship.

Worship comes from the word ‘worth-ship’:  it is about showing the worth of God in our words and in our deeds.  In the Bible, the concept of worship is rooted in the idea of service offered to God.  It is a service we are all invited to offer joyfully and in all aspects of our lives.  This sermon series aims to help us see how we might offer this service when we gather together as the family of God in church and as we go out into the world to follow Jesus in our homes, our communities and our workplaces.  Worship is at the centre of our lives as Christians and it changes us, so this is a vital topic to explore as we seek to grow as individual followers of Jesus and as churches.

Worship the Lord with gladness (Psalm 100.2)

13th January             What is worship?
Readings:  Psalm 100;  1 Chronicles 16.23-34
Worship in the Bible is rooted in the idea of service offered to God.  We will ask what worship is and explain why we are basing this sermon series on the Psalms.

20th January           Worship the Lord
Readings:  Psalm 96;  Exodus 20.1-11
We are commanded to worship God, and him alone.  We will think about why God is worthy of our worship and what idols get in our way.

27th January           Worship through the Spirit
Readings:  Psalm 51;  John 4.19-24
Jesus tells us that true worship is in the Spirit and in truth;  we will be exploring how we can offer Spirit-inspired and Spirit-led worship.

3rd February           Worship through words
Readings:  Psalm 89.1-18;  Colossians 3.15-17
When we meet as a church we use words to worship God in songs, prayer and Bible readings.  How might we ensure our words are worship and not just religious karaoke?

10th February        Worship through actions
Readings:  Psalm 134;  1 Corinthians 11.17-34
We use actions to help us worship God when we meet as a church.  Our services are rich in symbols and actions such as raising our hands and taking communion.  How can we ensure these rituals are meaningful?

17th February        Worship in the everyday
Readings:  Psalm 1;  Romans 12.1-2
We are called to be living sacrifices and worship God in our daily lives as well as in church.  We will consider what it looks like for us to worship God in our everyday lives.

24th February        Changed by worship
Readings:  Psalm 40;  1 Peter 2.4-10
It has been said that we become what we worship.  We will reflect on how our worship of God might change us so that we become more like Jesus.


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