Prayer meeting

The children born in your exile will be saying, ‘It’s getting too crowded here. I need more room.’ And you’ll say to yourself, ‘Where on earth did these children come from?’
Isaiah 49.20 The Message

This verse really struck me at our PCC away day and I believe it is both a promise and a challenge from God for us at Sunnyside. Isaiah 49 reminds us that God has called us and has a big vision for us: we need to be willing to see it and then have the courage to walk in it. If we are to see and then act, we need to be rooting ourselves in prayer.

One of the things that came strongly through the weekend away was a clear desire that we have more opportunities to pray together. As part of our response to this, we are starting a new monthly prayer meeting where we can spend time praying for Sunnyside and for those we are called to love and serve. The prayer meeting will last an hour and include time to listen to the word of God, to wait on what God is saying to us and to offer our prayers to our loving heavenly Father.

Why not come and join us in the Breukleman Room on Thursday 28th February at 8pm? All are welcome!

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