Lobby update

We hope that you are all enjoying the new look lobby which is almost finished. The power assisted doors are due to be fitted on Monday 30th September and we hope that the floor can be laid during October half-term. There are some signs to go up and a few other details to complete.Please read the instructions carefully

We are hugely grateful to the Lobby team for their hard work and expertise on this project!

Some of you have commented on the rood screen which used to be in front of the doors. We removed this to fit the floor and doors and have stored it safely. Lots of people have said that the lobby looks nicer without it and that it is much safer for the small children to not have it there (they couldn’t resist going behind it!). The PCC agree and we are in the process of exploring where we else we might put the screen which is part of a memorial to Canon Siddans, the first vicar of Sunnyside.

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