Reflecting on the Week of Accompanied Prayer

The Week of Accompanied Prayer was a special time in the life of Sunnyside and all involved. In total, 42 people (many from Sunnyside) committed to spending all or half of the week with a guide as they undertook a prayer-retreat from home. The aim of these weeks is to help people engage more deeply with their prayer-life and to help bridge the apparent gap between prayer and ordinary life. The feedback suggests that this aim was met in abundance and we have much to praise God for!

We want to say an enormous thanks to all who took part in the Week of Accompanied Prayer and all who made it possible, especially Jackie and Liz.

We are already thinking about a Week of Accompanied Prayer in 2021! Look out for further details and opportunities for taster sessions next year. If you would like to find out more, please do speak to Rebecca.

Things some of those who did the Week of Accompanied Prayer said about their experience:

  • ‘A real opportunity to spend time with God in the midst of life.’
  • ‘The ability to share confidentially with someone hitherto unknown. I probably should have chosen the whole week.’
  • ‘There was a generosity of time, space and quiet attention, and gentle and effective listening. I felt very blessed and my desire this time has, as ever, been granted in unexpected ways.’
  • ‘A deeply spiritual and fulfilling few days with a very sensitive guide.’
  • ‘I found most helpful the acceptance by my guide of me as an individual, my problems and misgivings. The generosity of my guide, her time, thoughtfulness and empathy. Knowing my guide was open loving and supportive, was very powerful each day. Beautiful home and hospitality was very peaceful.’
  • ‘My guide was very emphatic and affirming, and I’ve been encouraged to persevere in prayer.’
  • ‘Open honest discussions and encouragement. The whole experience was very positive and helpful.’
  • ‘I really enjoyed having the company of an experienced prayer guide who was able to help me in studying scripture and allow me a safe and peaceful place to talk about my spiritual experiences. I thought there was a very warm atmosphere of friendship and fellowship, and I felt rather sad when I came to the end of my half week.’
  • ‘Being able to stop and be silent. Talking and sharing in a personal way and being listened to. A very valuable time.’

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