‘sunday’s cool’

Our Sunday morning children’s groups (‘sunday’s cool’) have had a very busy term. Pebbles, Rocks and Boulders have all been thinking about who God is or as one of the children said one week ‘what is God like?’ As the term comes to an end we are getting very excited about being part of the Sunnyside nativity with many of our adults too!

After the nativity we will be giving our amazing team, who give of their time and energy so willingly each week, a well earned break. This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to join with us in worship for the whole of the service too, so families do come and join with us on Sunday 22nd December and Sunday 29th December if you are able.

We will have a ‘welcome back sunday’s cool’ on Sunday 5th January 2020 when we will all join together in the hall. We look forward to hearing all about your Christmas celebrations and talk about the term ahead.

For now, wishing all our children, young people and families a Christmas full of joy, fun, special times together and blessings.

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