SPACE is our new after school group for young people in year 9. The idea is simple. The Edge, our Friday night youth club, is great fun but often a little chaotic. It can be hard to speak about some of the current issues facing most teenagers when you’re trying to have a game of table tennis or kick a football about. We were looking for an opportunity to have a bit more space to engage with some of the issues facing teenagers at an important stage of life. When you’re in year 9, GCSE options are just around the corner, bringing further academic pressures and decisions to be made. Getting a bit of space to relax after a busy day and chat about some of the stuff that you might not be easily able to at school is really important. We know that life is pretty busy already with plenty of evenings booked up with all sorts of different activities. After school seemed to be a good time to do this, especially if we could find somewhere close to Ashlyns School to run a group. Conveniently, Sunnyside owns a house on the Ashlyns Estate, so that’s where we’ll be running space.

Here are the details you need to know:

We’re running on Wednesday afternoons from 3.30 until about 4.30pm. If you’re in year 9, you’re welcome to come and join us! We kick off for the first time on Wednesday 2nd November..

We’ll be meeting in 23 Kestrel Close, HP4 2HY, a property owned by Sunnyside. The house is authorised for use under our child protection policy. There will always be two DBS’ed adults present in the house during the running of space.

We’ll have snacks and games to keep you entertained, as well as taking the chance to chat about whatever life issues the group decide. It’s pretty well a blank canvas – we don’t want to fill the space with loads of our ideas – the hope is it will be led by the young people at space.

If you’d like to know more details or chat about anything concerning space, please contact Joe Rudd, our Youth Intern who is currently leading all youth activities while we appoint a new Youth Team Leader.