We want to do our best to care for all ages and stages of life at Sunnyside.

Coffee Morning from 11.30am – 1.00pm

(1st Monday monthly)

Join us for a chat over a cup of coffee or tea and delicious sweet treats. There’s no need to book and there is no cost although a donation towards heating and running costs would be most appreciated. All are welcome!

Are you being called to serve?

If you feel called to serve we would welcome your help. Here are a few ideas of how you could serve the Coffee Morning event:

  • make refreshments
  • serve refreshments
  • tidy up in the kitchen
  • bake or provide a sweet treat

Please visit our Serving at Sunnyside page and let us know where you are being called to serve, at Lunch Club or another Sunnyside ministry. If you have any questions please email our vicar, Rebecca Fardell.