Everyone has questions when they try something new. Here are some questions that we are commonly asked, we hope that they will answer some of your queries. If we have missed anything, just get in touch and we will do our best to answer.

It depends which one you go to! At Sunnyside we like to think there’s a service that anyone can feel at home in. Whichever service you attend you can be guaranteed to receive a friendly welcome. We’d love for you to join us. Take a look at our Services pages to see more.
Generally speaking they’re about an hour long. Occasionally we start a little bit late because Sunday mornings can be quite busy but normally we’re finished within an hour. There’s always tea and coffee afterwards though which is definitely worth staying around for.
Wear whatever you’re comfortable in! We want you to feel relaxed and able to be yourself at Sunnyside so wear whatever you normally would. If that means you’re wearing a shirt and tie or t-shirt and shorts, that’s fine – we don’t have a formal dress code.
It depends which service you attend! At The Nine and The Ten Thirty, we like to have a mix of lively songs that enable to us sing for joy as we praise God but there’s also space to sing quieter songs as we reflect on the majesty of God. Most often we use a full band of singers and musicians but occasionally the organ makes an appearance, most often at The Nine service.  Please see our Services pages to discover which service you’d prefer.
The Service Leader will lead you through each part of the service. Words for songs and responses are always on the screen so you won’t need to worry about not knowing what to say or sing!
We welcome anyone who knows and loves the Lord Jesus to share in Communion with us. Younger children need to go through the ‘children in communion’ course before receiving.
Our Ten Thirty service has a full programme for children and young people, aged 2 1/2 -14. Kids always start the service together with the wider church family, usually armed with tambourines and other musical instruments, before heading out to their groups.  For those with much younger children, there’s an area with toys in church, so parents can stay and take part in the service while the children enjoy themselves.  For more information check out the Families page.
On Sunday mornings young people up to the age of 11 can take part in Sunday groups. There’s also Friday Youth Club for young people up to age 16. Check out the Families and Youth pages for more.
Prayer Ministry is our way of saying that we pray for each other! We believe that Jesus is alive and answering prayers today and we want to encourage one another to pray for the needs in our own lives, our family and friends and our world. We have a Prayer Ministry Team available after each service if you would like someone to pray with you.  
Not at all! We encourage regular members of Sunnyside to contribute to the running of the church financially but there’s absolutely no pressure to do so, especially if you’re a visitor. We don’t want money to ever be a reason not to come to church.
We’ve got a small car park at the back of the church but there’s also loads of room to park on the road at the front on Ivy House Lane.

Definitely! Sunnyside Church is a place for all people to find a home and hopefully discover more about God whether you’d call yourself a Christian or not. We run specific courses for anyone that’s interested in finding out a bit more about what it means to live as a Christian. Check out the I’m New and Alpha pages for more.