Once again this report comes with a big THANK YOU to all those who raised nearly £55k this year (2020 – £63k) for our annual Gift Day, held throughout September, but climaxing with our Gift Day Service on 26 September 2021. We also want to show you how those generous gifts have been allocated.  Please click on the link below to read the full report.

Gift Day 2021 Report

Donations for Gift Day have been directed towards the following 25 causes:

Click on any of the charity names to learn more directly from the charity website

Overseas (GDI)

WycliffeWycliffe Bible Translators  

Bible societyBible Society  

CMSChurch Mission Society   Chris & Veronica Padayachee & its General Fund)

Serving in Mission Serving in Mission   (in support of Rob Eldred)
The Leprosy MissionThe Leprosy Mission  

Serving in MissionASHA project  (in support of Mike & Rosie Whittles)

BulawayoshelterBulawayo shelter  

Mission Aviation FellowshipMission Aviation Fellowship   (in support of Sam & Abby Baguma)

Jenga Jenga – Uganda   (Bex Henderson & Loved Childrens Centre)

Embrace the Middle East   

Stewardship   (in support of Heidi Longworth)

 Frontiers UK   (in support of James & Jo Price)

GO Grants