Sunnyside Church is governed by elected members of the Parochial Church Council (PCC). They meet approximately five times a year and are elected at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) which the whole church is invited to attend. 

The role of the PCC is to:

  • Support the vicar in carrying out the mission of the church
  • Represent church members
  • Act as Charity trustees – a legal role
  • Take an active involvement in the leadership of the church.
  • Represent Sunnyside on the Deanery Synod, a meeting of local Anglican churches.

The 2021 PCC:
Vicar: Rebecca Fardell
Curate: Rachel Hamilton
Church Wardens: Kathy O’Dair, Tony Wager
Deanery Synod: Jane Lines, Charis Geoghegan, Marguerite Craig
PCC Members: Penny Harrison, Laura Cook, Lucia Jenny Hyatt, John Cartwright, Ruth Colderwood
Co-opted Member: Shawn Baggs (Treasurer)  
Members without voting rights: Kath Jones (PCC Secretary), Sharon Fowler (Children & Families Team Leader), Luke Fennell (Youth Team Leader) and Patrick Craig (Worship Team Leader) 

Anyone can be elected to the PCC as long as they are registered on the Electoral Roll. All who call Sunnyside Church their church are encouraged to join the electoral roll and become part of the wider Sunnyside family.  If you would like to join the Sunnyside Electoral Roll please click on the link to our forms page where you can download the application form  Sunnyside Church – Forms

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting is a yearly meeting that all members of the electoral roll are expected to attend.  The APCM is on Wednesday 27 April 2022 at 7.30pm in church or via zoom.  Please email the office for zoom meeting link.

The following documents are available to download:

Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2021
APCM 2021 Minutes
Fabric and Furnishing Report 2021
APCM 2022 Agenda
Vicar’s report looking forward

Action Groups
At Sunnyside we also have seven Action Groups, who take responsibility for the day to day running of the church. The Action Groups meet more frequently than the PCC and each contain elected PCC representatives. The Action Groups discuss the ins and outs of church life, allowing the PCC to concentrate on larger issues of strategy and vision.

The seven Action Groups are:

  • Discipleship – supporting us as we seek to grow as followers of Jesus, whether we have been Christians for a long time or       are just beginning to  explore faith
  • Children, Youth & Families – includes all work with 0-18s and their families.
  • Mission – working to help us share the love of Jesus with others more intentionally
  • Pastoral Care – taking responsibility for work with the elderly, bereaved and pastoral care of the church.
  • Finance – the unenviable task of making sure the books are balanced!
  • Maintenance – this group cares for the church hall, kitchen and all properties that Sunnyside is responsible for.
  • Projects – taking the lead on all new and exciting initiatives at Sunnyside. A meeting open to all with great ideas!

Each Action Group is led by an Action Group Chairperson who meet as a group with the Vicar and Church Wardens before each PCC meeting.

Part of the role of serving on the PCC is to represent church members. So do feel free to approach any PCC member to discuss an issue.