stocksnap_8t9y244tk8-1We gather as a whole church community for the first part of The Ten Thirty service before the children aged 2½– 11 go off to their ‘sunday’s cool’ groups. The beginning of our service is often interactive, enabling children and adults of all ages to engage and worship together. On weeks where we are sharing in a Communion or Baptism service the children will come back into church to share in these celebrations.

We currently have three ‘sunday’s cool’ groups at Sunnyside each Sunday morning:

Pebbles: Pre-School – Reception

Rocks: School Years 1 – 3

Boulders: School Years 4 – 6




A comfortable, well resourced Creche area is available in church enabling parents/carers of our very youngest children (0-21/2) to remain with your children and be involved in worship. We want our families to feel relaxed and at home so please feel free to come and go from this area as you need.


Pebbles (Pre School – Reception) and Rocks (Year 1- Year 3)

Pebbles and Rocks meet together in our main hall. This is a chatty group where we can make lots of friends! We share games and stories as we discover more about the Bible before breaking into our two groups for age appropriate response activities to our story or theme. These can be anything from creating, making, praying or playing! Leaders use the Urban Saints resources as a starting point for our groups each week.


Boulders ( Year 4 – year 6)

Boulders meet in the Breukelman Room. This group likes to chill out together in a more informal setting as we build on our understanding of the stories we already know and discover together how they are relevant and fit into our everyday lives. Sometimes we ask some big questions in this group!

Urban Saints resources are used to help enable this group to grow in their relationship with God and with one another.