Currently we are providing written materials so that we can worship together while we are apart on a Wednesdays. We are joining together from our homes at 9.30am.  Click here to find the materials for you need (you need to scroll down to the bottom of the services page when you get there!). 

We follow a printed order of service most weeks as we sing, pray, read the scriptures and share together. We try to make time to pray for all those requesting prayer on our prayer board. We usually follow a theme or read our way through a biblical book over a number of weeks.

After the leader has introduced the passage we spend time discussing its meaning. For many people this service is like a House Group – an oasis in the middle of a busy week. We usually sit in a circle, apart for the third Wednesday of the month when we arrange the comfy chairs facing East in the chancel.

The service lasts for around forty five minutes and we share coffee together afterwards.

On the fifth Wednesday of the month at 9.30am we join with the congregation of our sister church down the road at St. John the Evangelist Bourne End for a service together.

Usual pattern:
1st Wednesday: Holy Communion. Sitting in the circle we sometime pass the bread and wine to each other.
2nd Wednesday: Morning Prayer.
3nd Wednesday: Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion.
4th Wednesday: Morning Prayer.
5th Wednesday: A United Service at St John’s Bourne End.