We know that God’s church is bigger than just us at Sunnyside so we love to work with our friends from other churches in the town. Refract is the network of church based youthwork in Berkhamsted and Northchurch. We regularly run events together, whether that’s the enormous youth water fight or 24 Hours of Prayer. Refract is one of the best things about being a young person in Berkhamsted – get involved! See twitter for more!

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We want to see our young people with a faith that will last a lifetime! For this reason we support Fusion, an organisation working to connect students to churches all across the UK. If you’re heading off to university and want to find a church then get involved with Fusion’s student link-up programme. See for more info.

Leadership is all about influence” said a wise man. We want our young people to be able to use the influence that they have to lead well so we connect with Onelife, a Christian organisation that helps young people to lead well. Each year we attend conferences that Onelife run and they are always a highlight of the year! If you want to book for this year’s Onelife Conference then get in touch with Joe.

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You’ll quite often see our Youth Team Leader out and about around town and in the schools. As Sunnyside Youth we’re involved with serving the schools in our town through mentoring programmes, assemblies and school trips. If you see us then say hello!