Tomorrow at Sunnyside

We will be meeting to worship God and share communion tomorrow at 9am and 10.30. We will be continuing our sermon series on Who are we? by looking at the truth that we are part of God’s family. If you’re experiencing a persistent cough and/or have a high temperature, then please stay at home. We realise some others may also choose to stay at home. We are asking everyone arriving at church to wash their hands thoroughly or apply hand sanitiser in the lobby before they enter the church. We won’t be shaking hands or sharing hugs (we’ll greet one another using smiles and words). We will just be receiving the bread in communion (this is still a valid way of having communion). We have put the Bibles away so please bring your own. There won’t be any refreshments before or after the services. If you have any questions or need any help, please do contact Rebecca or the church office. We will be sending out more detailed plans early next week.

The Bible Course will take place at 6pm but without refreshments. Why not bring your own (please do not share with others though!).

For more details update on what we are doing to minimise the risk during the coronavirus outbreak, please click on this link

with love and prayers


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