Sunday’s worship

We have been working hard to devise a way so that we can continue worshipping together on Sundays and Wednesdays whilst public worship is suspended because of Coronavirus.

We have tried to keep things relatively low tech so that as many people can take part as possible.

For Sundays: we will send out a mailchimp on Saturday with links to all you need to join together in worship from home on Sunday. You will receive an order of service; an audio file of songs which Patrick has recorded for us; a recording of the sermon and the sermon notes. Our younger families will also be receiving materials from Sharon so that they can have Sunday’s Cool at home. Why not use these all at 10am on Sunday so across Berkhamsted the Sunnyside family can gather in spirit if not in body. I will be taking part from church so that worship continues in our church building as well as amongst our scattered church family.

For Wednesdays: we will send out an order of service and a written talk on Tuesdays. Why not use this at 9.30 on Wednesday morning so we can have a sense of joining together? I will follow the service in St John’s so that worship continues there too. 

Our worship resources will also be on our church website. 

We hope that this will enable us to worship together whilst we are apart. Do let me know how you get on and we can adjust our plans to make them work better. 

Coming soon will also be a range of resources which we can use in our homes to help us worship and spend time with God. 

with love and prayers



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    Ros Partridge says

    So grateful. I’ll be there! Love to everyone.

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