Sunday 29th March

Tomorrow we will be thinking about Jesus calling us to be servants as we come to the end of our sermon series on ‘Who we are? Who God says we are and what it means.’ Below is all you will need to join together in worship tomorrow morning from the safety of your home. Sharon will be sending out an email to all our families with ‘sundays cool at home’ materials on the theme of ‘I can pray a rainbow’ which families can engage in together too.

Click on the words below for the materials you need for worship. You will need to download the audio files from ‘we transfer’ for worship before you begin, just click on the links.

Do join us at 10am tomorrow as we worship together while we are apart.

order of service


sermon notes


The Servant King by Graham Kendrick


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    Helen Gilbert says

    Thank you for the sermon. I have a happy memory of walking through a shopping centre with a group from church singing the Kendrick song.
    I do hope you are getting better and have enough of what you need to be comfortable. Thank you again.

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    C H MITCHELL says

    Mary and I have really enjoyed the service today and marvel at the efforts involved with the technology.
    The message /sermon from Rebecca was quite inspirational. Get well soon Rebecca.
    We close with love to all and will make the suggested coffee!!

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    Humphrey N says

    That was a great time of praise and prayer. Thank you Sharon and Rebecca. And thank you Giles for singing and playing so well. It was very encouraging to join in. What only one change of key!

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    Charlotte Vesey says

    Thank you Rebecca, Hilary, Sharon and Giles, and anyone else who made this possible. In these different times it was even more powerful to be reminded how much God loves each and every one of us. We hope you are feeling a bit better Rebecca and send love and prayers, David and Charlotte

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    rachel shaw says

    Thank you Rebecca. That sermon was just what was needed. I hope you feel better soon…X

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