Holy Week

Experience shows that Easter is even more joyful if we have taken time to journey with Jesus through the events of Holy Week and reflect on each step of his journey.

On this page you will find all that you need to help you journey with Jesus through Holy Week. We will be adding new reflections each day and there will be a service with reflections on Good Friday too.

Monday-Thursday and Saturday: we would normally have met in church at 8pm for these reflection. Good Friday: the shorter service and talk would have been in Bourne End at 9.30 with the three hours at the cross taking place in Sunnyside 12noon-3pm. You may wish to spend those times taking part in your home but do use the materials any time.

Links to Holy Week resources will appear below through the week

TV and Radio listings for Holy Week

Holy Week stories, crafts and activities to help our families journey through Holy Week together at home. May be some adults would find these activities helpful too?

Order of Service for Holy Week Monday-Thursday and Saturday

Reflection for Monday (readings Psalm 36.5-11 and John 12.1-11) script and audio – Sharon Fowler

Reflection for Tuesday (readings Psalm 71 and John 12.20-36) script – Jane Markby

Reflection for Wednesday (readings Psalm 70 and John 13.21-32) script – Hilary Kemp

Reflection for Maundy Thursday (readings Psalm 116 and John 13.1-17, 31b-35) script – Rebecca Fardell

Order of Service for Good Friday (this would normally take place at 9am in St John’s) 

Reflections on Jesus’ last words from the cross (this is the 3 hour service that would normally take place at 12 noon in Sunnyside with people dropping in)

Link for live stream ecumenical service for Good Friday at 10am (the service usually held in town!) Why not join with Christians from other churches in Berkhamsted as we worship God together from our own homes?

It’s Friday…but Sunday’s a Coming…a powerful film about the events of Easter weekend. Jane used it on Easter Sunday last year and it is well worth a watch! 

Holy Saturday Reflection (readings Psalm 31.1-16 and John 19.38-end) – Andrew Wilcock

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