Update: Looking after others and yourself

We want to make sure that everyone stays safe during the coronavirus crisis so have been working on some strategies, advice and resources. These have been updated so why not take another look?

Taking care of one another: the main way of supporting one another is through our house groups. If you are not in a house group, we have paired you with someone so hopefully no one will fall through the gaps. House groups are a great way of drawing nearer to God and one another. Why not think about joining one? Speak to Rebecca or contact the church office for more details.

Taking care ourselves: the current crisis is stressful and it is important that we look after ourselves. We need to stay inside, eat well, exercise and look after our mental health. The Church of England has produced some helpful resources.

As well as looking after our physical and mental health, don’t forget to look after your spiritual health too. Make sure you spend some time each day with God. Click on the link to find some resources to help you – Spending time with God

Receiving and offering help: lots of people are wanting to help and many of us need help. Please be wise in how you help others and who you receive help from. We have compiled some top tips for keeping you safe. Receiving and Offering help – tips to keep you safe.

Berkhamsted roads all have a co-ordinator who can provide help or find how who can help. Speak to Rachel Heath if you want to find out more.

Open Door are organising meals for those who need them. Ask Rebecca or click on the link to the website Open Door to find out more.

Be wise: We really do need to follow the advice and stay at home, especially if we are older! We also need to be careful as there are sadly people wanting to exploit the crisis and fraudsters are at work! Please be wise and if in any doubt speak to someone you trust.

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