Sunday 3rd May

Here are the materials you need to join us for worship this morning

order of service
sermon by Hilary Kemp
sermon notes
church online link which will be live from 9.45am. Service starts at 10am.

A couple of notes about church online:
1. the order of service is in the notes section but you may find it easier to download it and look at it on a different piece of technology.
2. the live prayer button: if you click on this you will get through to Rebecca live. Only Rebecca will look at this so do use it if you would like prayer for anything.


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    Grete Taylor says

    Listen to sermon

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    Jane Porter says

    Thank you Hilary, for a really thoughtful sermon. I have seen sheep ‘en’folded in eastern Europe, and watched as the shepherd gently but firmly restrained each sheep with his rod, checking for its health and possible injuries, and living constantly with his flock, 24/7 – even sleeping in a sort of narrow mobile trolley, so that he never leaves them – and that rod was for their care – not to for beating them into submission, and I’ve seen shepherds carrying the very youngest lambs in sling-pouches so that they didn’t get left behind when the flock had to be led through rough country, or along a busy road.

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