Update on our Sunday morning services

We are continuing to take steps towards returning to two services at Sunnyside on Sunday mornings. From next week (Sunday 13th), our online service will be live streamed from Sunnyside at 10.30. Note the change of time which is to allow for setting up after The Nine. In case of technical difficulties, it will also be shown as a pre-record at 6pm for the first few weeks. There will be no chat or live prayer in the evening which is a back up option in case of technological difficulties for us or you. The link will be available on our website and through our newsletter (mailchimp) next week as usual.

Later in the term, we hope to be able to welcome people to come to the church for The Ten-Thirty so that you will have the choice of whether to join us in person or on-line. In preparation, we have moved more chairs into church and colour coded them so we have yellow chairs (The Nine) and blue chairs (The Ten-Thirty). This is because we cannot clean the chairs between the services. More details will follow when this is possible but for now The Ten-Thirty is on-line only.

We continue to be really grateful to Tim and our tech team who are working hard to make all this possible. It is an enormous amount of work for them so please do pray for them and thank them when you see them.

From tomorrow, The Nine is returning to its old pattern:
First Sunday of the month BCP Communion
Second Sunday of the month Morning Prayer
Third Sunday of the month Holy Communion
Fourth Sunday of the month Morning Prayer

Tomorrow, Patrick (who has started work as our Interim Worship Team Leader) will be playing the keyboard at The Nine so we will have music while we are taking Communion but sadly we still can’t sing in church.

Do contact Rebecca or the church office if you have any questions about what is happening at Sunnyside on Sundays. Please pray for our worshipping life as a church family at Sunnyside: may we embrace the opportunities and challenges of these times so that we may worship God more fully; may we find ways of enabling others to join us in worship; and may we be loving and gracious to one another, especially towards those who prefer to worship in different ways to us.

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