Asylum Seekers

An update on the asylum seekers. 

The asylum seekers are no longer at the Watermill in Bourne End. They have been moved on this week to other hotels in London. A big thank you is in order for your support, donations and prayers for them while they were here. The charities, People Not Border’s and Herts Welcomes Refugees are very grateful for your support and the clothing, food and money donated. The money raised will go to these charities who will continue to support them while they can. Please continue to pray for the asylum seekers and the charities involved, that they may know God’s love and strength in this time.


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    Richard Lynn says

    Some asylum seekers may not have adequate English to manage their interviews without an interpreter.
    I was a public service interpreter for some years and became aware of the problems experienced by both interviewers and interviewees when language difficulties arose.
    In some cases they may also have logistical difficulties when it comes to attending interviews.
    I remember in particular an Angolan woman seeking asylum, who, along with others, was accommodated at the Grand Hotel in Clacton. I interpreted at her preliminary interview. A few weeks later I was asked to the Home Office’s buildings at Water Lane, Liverpool, to interpret at the formal interview.
    I don’t know whether this woman could have found her way to Liverpool, but in the event there was a rail strike on the day and only one train left Euston for Liverpool. Not surprisingly, she didn’t arrive.
    |It seems to me that there should be some liaison arrangements to ensure that interviewees are duly delivered to their appointments. It would also help if they had some informal preparation for the interview.
    There may already be such a system – I have been out of the loop for some years. I am also aware, having also at one time translated a number of written asylum applications, that some applicants are manifestly bogus. But I do think they should be given the best possible opportunity to present their cases, and the Home Office to assess them.


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    Salva malik says

    I drove past the area this morning and saw some families.
    Does anyone have any more information if any assistance is needed.

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      Rebecca Fardell says

      I suggest you contact Herts Welcomes Refugees who we are liaising with.

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