The Angel Gabriel is on his way!

We are planning to build a large nativity scene in our lobby windows through Advent.  Different figures will be added each Saturday, beginning on 28th November and culminating with Jesus on Christmas Eve. The Angel Gabriel will be the first to make an appearance.

Given the restrictions on access to our church building this year, the Advent window is a safe way of us reaching lots of people with the Good News of Christmas. We are going to widely publicise what we are doing in the hope that those walking through the churchyard will enjoy seeing the emerging scene and that people might come specially to have a look at it. In addition to the figures, there will be some simple materials to help people think about the true story of Christmas which will be available in the window and on line.

How can you get involved in this exciting project?

The most important way you can get involved is by praying. Ask God that the window will help us share the Christmas story with our community and trigger good conversations about Jesus.

Lend some things we need
Thank you to those who have already offered items and help (particularly the paper mache saint!) but we still need the following items which we will return in January. If you can help with any items, please let Rebecca know as soon as possible (28th November is next Saturday!)
– 6 tailor’s dummies or valet stands (for hanging men’s suits on) or similar or 20 clean 6 foot garden canes and 4 clean 5 foot garden canes or 6 garden plant supports/obelisks
– some more pairs of ladies tights for the heads. Old tights are best for this (not support tights as they are not stretchy enough) and they need to be brown not neutral as Bethlehem is in the Middle East.
– a large star light that runs off batteries

Calling all our children: would you be able to provide our shepherds with some sheep? We would need your pictures of sheep by early December. You could make them anyway you wish but please do not make them too small (A4 or larger would be perfect) as we want everyone to be able to see them. Sharon is happy to collect your sheep when she delivers the Messy Church bags if that helps. Do put your name on the back if you would like your sheep returned in January.

Don’t forget to come and have a look and why not invite a friend for a socially distanced walk that includes our Advent Window?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Rebecca.

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