Lockdown 3

After much reflection, we have decided to resume our 9am in person services at Sunnyside. The first of these will be on 17th January. We will continue our online service which will move to the later time of 10.30. If you are vulnerable, please think carefully about whether it is wise to attend and if you are shielding you should stay at home. If you do attend, it is really important that you maintain social distancing and do not mingle with people from other households.

Throughout the pandemic, we have sought to make decisions that are in line with the Law and Church of England guidance. Churches are not required to close under the current lockdown legislation and you are allowed to leave home to attend communal worship.  Like other churches, we are working hard to ensure that our church building is a Covid-secure space. The fact that the government has not suggested that we suspend public worship is a tribute to how effective this work has been. Bishop Alan has asked us to continue to conduct worship in church, even if it is only a small group.

Public Prayer is also allowed during lockdown so Sunnyside will continue to be open 10am-12noon on Mondays and 2pm-4pm on Fridays.

We know that not everyone will agree with our decision – this would be the case either way – and no one should feel under any obligation to attend communal worship. This decision is under regular review in light of advice from the government and Church of England. You should check the website for any changes to services.


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    I for one am thrilled that we still have an ” in person ” service for those who want to be there

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    Kate Smith says

    I think that your decision to continue with the in person service at 9 on a Sunday is so good and sensible, leaving it to the individual to decide whether to attend, after all your wise advice. Well done! I can imagine that it was quite a tricky decision.

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