Launching Gift Day 2021

‘There are different kinds of service but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working but in all
of them and in everyone it is the same God at work’.

1 Corinthians 12.5-6

We may not be able to serve in the mission field here or overseas but we can support them by our prayers and a gift. Whatever the amount- however small -it will be used to take the Love of Jesus and help to those in need.

Street Pastors meet people on the streets of Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted on Friday nights. They offer practical help giving out flip flops and lollipops as well as directions to shelters and rehabilitation services. They spend time listening to young people. Recently a young lad shared with them how he was “feeling down “after his “father” – the last of several father figures in his life had left.

The Swan Project at the old Swan pub in Berkhamsted has reopened after being closed for the pandemic. It describes its role as ‘Somewhere to go – Something to do – Someone to listen and provides all this to young people in the town and surrounding areas. It is a safe place, alcohol and drug free. Boxercise and self-defense classes for girls are offered as well as lots of fun and activities every day. They help local youngsters aged 16 – 25 who are facing homelessness, offering accommodation and support providing they are in education, employment or training.

“Tell them we are beautiful “Ann from the Sunnyside Rural Trust, told us one of the trainees had told her to tell us. The Rural Trust has remained open throughout the pandemic providing a safe and structured environment for the trainees. Those with special needs and autism especially need routine and changes can be disastrous for them. They put safeguards in place in all three locations, with pictures and lines to show social distancing. They have won many prestigious awards including the Queen’s award for Charity. They grow the bedding plants for Dacorum Council gardens and this year grew perennials for a top landscape gardener for his Hampton Court flower show display.

Embrace The Middle East is a Christian development charity tackling poverty and injustice in the Middle East. This is a difficult time with so many conflicts, in Israel, Palestine and Syria. Lebanon already economically poor has vast numbers of refugees in large camps fleeing war zones in neighbouring countries. Embrace provides doctors and mobile medical units in remote places providing services we take for granted. Displaced people have been awarded loans to start a business giving them dignity and independence. In Syria they have provided “Child friendly spaces “giving traumatized children a safe place to play.

The Bible Society works in 200 countries, it is “a global mission to bring the Bible to life for every man woman and child “. They believe that when people engage with the Bible lives are changed for good. In China, there are 1 million new Christians every year, in Africa, the Bible is giving hope and building bridges and for 70 years they have been distributing Bibles in the Middle East. In Uganda Kenya and Ghana, they are introducing children to Jesus encouraging drama and storytelling to bring the Bible to life.

After the opening of the wonderful new building at the Loved Children’s Centre, the bulk of which was funded by donations made to Jenga Community Development Organisation here in UK, Uganda went into lockdown and it is now experiencing a second one for at least 6 weeks. Bex and the staff care for 65 children, suffering from malnutrition neglect and abuse. Many of them have disabilities and medical conditions as well. Parents are often addicts who struggle to provide for their families. Bex campaigned to keep the centre open for the most vulnerable children and has been able, with generosity from supporters, visited families in their homes taking food and encouragement and alleviating suffering.

As the world changes one thing remains constant, God’s transforming love. These charities are a source of strength and inspiration for those they help through life’s many challenges, deprivation, conflict and injustice. Please pray about the gift you can give to bring God’s wonderful love and healing. to those who do not know Him.

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