The Listening Project

The Listening Project is under way with the aim of cards being delivered to every home in the Parish this week. There are still a few bundles to be before Friday so if you have a spare hour and would like to help deliver cards then please pick up a pack in the church and once delivered PLEASE return the empty plastic wallet to the designated box in the church. There is a team of Sunnysiders who will start collecting the cards from Friday 8th October so we really do need to get them delivered by Wednesday 6th at the latest.

This is an exciting project, initially set up by Hilary. Please do pray for everyone involved.

To find out more, please speak to any member of the working group – Penny Harrison, Diana White, Katie Randall Stratton, Sharon Fowler, Luke Fennell, Aileen Fyfe. Alternatively, email the office and Mel will put us in touch with you. 

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