Sunnyside PCC

The PCC met recently in person to consider a number of matters relating to Sunnyside. The main decisions were:

  • We have agreed to work towards becoming an Eco Church and to establish a Green Action Group to help us look at how we can care better for God’s creation as individuals and a community.
  • We have agreed to add more singing on Sundays and to reintroduce singing on Wednesdays but given the Covid situation and our assessment of risks we are not making any other changes at present. This will be reviewed at our next meeting.
  • We had a good discussion about a number of aspects of services at Sunnyside including Wednesdays, opportunities to worship All Together and Sunday evenings. We also considered the Sunday morning services: the Action Groups reported back on a number of important things for us to take into account and we recognised the complexities of the issues involved. Although we know that our decision will disappoint some, we decided that it was best for the overall worship and mission of Sunnyside to leave the morning services as they currently are. Meanwhile, we will explore ways of seeking to ensure that those who are no longer able to attend Sunnyside feel supported and connected with the wider church family. 


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    Antony Beeley says

    I am sorry the PCC decided to make no change to timing of Sunday morning services. Even making each one half an hour later would help the older worshippers and surely not inconvenience the later ones.

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