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Warm Clothing and School Uniform Appeal

We are aware that winter is on its way and for many this time of year is very difficult. As the weather changes and the cold comes upon us many are in need of our help and support. As a church we are wanting to help people in need and to do this we are looking to support both Herts Welcomes Refugees and Justin & Lucy Groves (Pill). Below are some practical ways on how we can support these people and a little bit about why they need our help. You can do this by either buying these items and dropping them off at church or giving a monetary donation that will go towards buying these items. There will be a card reader at church on Sunday if you would find it easier to donate this way.

Who are we appealing for?St Stephen’s Pillgwenlly, Newport, MonmouthshireHerts Welcomes Refugees (HWR)
Why?Pillgwenlly is one of the poorest wards in Wales with a lot of poverty, addiction, prostitution and resulting social and mental health issues. Its inhabitants struggle to buy school uniforms & warm clothing due to cuts in Universal Credit and the mounting costs of fuel and heating bills. The church is led by Justin & Lucy Groves who visited Sunnyside in August (Lucy grew up in Berkhamsted & they were married here ) and they’re setting up a clothes swap shop to help the poorest to look like the rest of their classmates and to keep warm this winter.HWR are a local charity who support a local Afghan families and Refugees who have moved into the local area. Many of these families have fled their homes without anything and are in need.
What do they need?New Primary School Uniforms from Tesco: Aertex Polo Shirts (from £2.50 for a pack of 2)White Long Sleeve Shirts (from £3.50 for 2)Red School Sweatshirts (from £4 for a 2 pack)Red School V Neck Jumpers (from £6 for 2)Red School Cardigans (from £8 for a 2 pack)Grey School Trousers (from £9 for 2 pack)Grey Skirts (from £6 for pack of 2) New or Good Second Hand and Clean: Warm Coats for Primary School age children Warm Jumpers for all Ages (adults & children)Warm Clothing: Adult Male and Female: Hats, Gloves, Scarfs, Jumpers, Fleeces, Woolly tights and Socks (Preferably new or nearly new)


  1. Reply
    Jane Porter says

    This is a lovely idea . I’ll ee what I can do to help

    • Reply
      Rebecca Fardell says

      thanks Jane!

  2. Reply
    P R HYATT says

    Thanks, Jane,
    Great to hear that you’ll be back with us tomorrow, after all these months apart.
    Credit card payments being accepted on our Card Reader tomorrow, if your cupboards are bare!

  3. Reply
    Pam Davis says

    Can we donate online?

  4. Reply
    Peter Hyatt says

    Sorry – Pam – didnt see this last week. We can supply our bank details on request to make a donation online. I think we would have to think carefully about the message it sends about us a church if we were to have a `Donate` button as it might imply we were seeking donations for ourselves instead of being able to be financially self supporting as a church

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