Playskill and Embrace the Middle East

In December we’ll be praying for Plakskill and Embrace the Middle East.

Embrace the Middle East is an Ecumenical Christian Charity, formerly known as BibleLands, working with many local teams, which provide help and support to marginalised and vulnerable people in the Middle East. They provide support where there is injustice poverty and little or no medical care. They provide doctors and travelling medical units to remote communities as well as a nurse training school.  They work with disadvantaged children and those with disabilities providing both educational and recreational activities.  Families with disabled children are supported and encouraged as these children are frequently neglected. They have worked in the refugee camps both those new from recent conflicts and those that have been there for decades.

We give thanks for the work and Christian witness of Embrace and pray for:

  1. all who support and help those in great need in the Middle East suffering poverty, injustice, disabilities and illness.
  2. the doctors and medical teams that go out to remote places
  3. those who care for and teach children with disabilities transforming their lives

We are once again giving the offertory at our Christmas services to Embrace, whose office is in Amersham, praying that these will be generous ones.

Playskill is a local charity based in Watford and Hemel Hempstead running groups and offering support to pre school children with special needs and their parents/carers. Let’s give thanks for the dedication of staff and volunteers , particularly how they were able to keep offering a service during the Pandemic.

We pray:

  1. for them as they support more children
  2. that staff and volunteers would be well supported
  3. that more volunteers and potential trustees would come forward

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