This year we are starting a new initiative to have a monthly focus on different aspects of life at Sunnyside. The aim of this is to help us to learn more about life at Sunnyside. Our focus for the month of February will be Discipleship.  

The Discipleship Action Group (DAG) at Sunnyside seeks to support and encourage all in their journey of faith. The group wants to explore ways of helping people grow and deepen their relationship with Jesus. Discipleship is important for us all. We all need to be encouraged and strengthened and to learn along the way. DAG’s role is to help Sunnyside explore different ways of growing individually as a follower of Jesus and corporately. Whether we have been a follower of Jesus for a long time or are just beginning to explore faith, DAG wants to be a part of this journey at whatever point people are at. 

What does DAG do? DAG heads up small groups, such as house groups. These groups are a great way to get to know people, build good connections and create friendships within the church. Small groups are a great place to learn more about Jesus and faith, and a place to be nurtured and discipled. Some groups meet weekly and others fortnightly. Some are more specific, such as, Friday Connect and the 20s and 30s group, which seek to meet with others in a similar life stage. 

DAG runs courses such as Lent courses, Prayer courses, Advent, Alpha and many more. These are courses that happen throughout the year which helps us grow and learn more about the Christian faith in specific areas. 

DAG also seeks to help Sunnyside engage in prayer. Whether by running a prayer course, Week of Accompanied Prayer, Thy Kingdom Come, or the weekly prayer meetings which are held both online or in person. DAG wants to see pray as a part of the worshiping community at Sunnyside.

How can you get involved? There are a lot of different ways to get involved with discipleship at Sunnyside. Why not, if you haven’t already, join a house group, get involved in our upcoming Lent course, or be a part of the team that heads up Thy Kingdom Come, a creative way to engage with prayer. For more information contact Rachel Hamilton.  

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