Serving in Mission and Open Door

In February we will be praying for Serving in Mission (in support of Rob Eldred) and Open Door, Berkhamsted.

Serving in Mission (‘SIM’) is a community of God’s people committed to biblical truth, passionate about sharing the gospel worldwide. SIM UK is its UK branch, an international organisation with more than 4,000 multi-ethnic workers serving in over 70 countries. It works on every inhabited continent, convinced that no one should live and die without hearing God’s good news. SIM workers serve in a huge variety of career fields – from church planting and theological education, to digging for wells, running children’s activities in refugee camps and translating the Bible into local languages. Rob Eldred is married to Gen (nee Cartwright, John & Chris’s daughter) and is SIM UK’s People Care Team Coordinator and has sent us the following prayer points:

  • Give thanks for the continued high number of people applying to serve overseas in mission through SIM. Pray that Rob and his team can support and care for those going through the selection process and ensure people are equipped ready to serve overseas.
  • Pray that the ongoing support the People Care Team provide such as debriefing and crisis care, will enable mission workers to persevere in countries where circumstances are currently challenging. Please pray for the country of Ethiopia after the weeks of instability due to the civil war in the north of the country.
  • Pray for the family during this busy season while Gen trains as a teacher and completes her PGCE this summer, and for juggling the other jobs and life for their three boys. Pray we know God’s grace as our foundation in all we do.

Open Door is a safe,welcoming and vibrant community space in Berkhamsted where people enjoy being active, creative, sociable and engaged. They also support a food pantry and took an active role in providing meals for the vulnerable during the pandemic. Please pray:

  • for more volunteers both to support day to day activities and to fulfill more specialist roles such as offering financial advice
  • for building a relationship with organisations supporting local Afghan asylum seekers

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