Campaign 22

After postponements over the last two years because of Covid, Sunnyside Church is finally able to run a regular giving campaign, Campaign 22, this Spring. This will culminate in a Presentation of the Church’s financial position at the services on May 8th, with details of how we may be able to respond to it.

Everyone on our electoral roll will be invited, although of course everyone is welcome to attend. In order to be sensitive to our environment and to avoid printing as far as we can, we will try to communicate as much information as possible electronically. There will of course be hard copies available where this is necessary.

As you know, we made a one-off Appeal last year to give breathing space to our church finances until we were able to run a regular giving campaign. The response was wonderful and achieved our short-term targets. But the underlying problem remains: our regular income has fallen behind our expenses.

Our projected shortfall is significant– it’s about £2,000 a month – and is of course a real challenge when costs in our own lives are increasing on every side. But it is not so big that it can’t be bridged if we all play our part. And it is our responsibility.

More news next week!

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