Prayer Ministry

Update: We have had to postpone the Prayer Ministry meeting. Please contact Rebecca for further details.

One of the joys of being part of the church family at Sunnyside is praying with one another. We do this in lots of different ways, including through our prayer meetings and small groups. Another opportunity to pray for people and to be prayed for is through prayer ministry at our Sunday services. It is good to have this available at our services to help people respond to what God has been saying to them through the worship or talk.

At its heart, prayer ministry is simply being with someone, listening to God as they receive from God. Although we can all pray for one another, some people feel a particular calling to do this and are members of the Prayer Ministry Team. Now that we are moving through the pandemic, we want to get this team back up and running. To do that, we are holding a meeting on Saturday 2nd July, 10am-12noon for all who would like to be part of the Prayer Ministry Team. If you have been part of the Prayer Ministry Team in the past and would still like to serve in this way or if you think this is something you might like to do, please speak to Rebecca or Rachel. We can provide some training if you have not done it before.


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    Lucy Whittingham says

    Please count me in for the Prayer Ministry team. I would like to come to the meeting on 2nd July. Thanks Lucy

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