The Bulawayo Shelter and Rennie Grove Hospice

Each month we pray for two of our mission partners. During May we are praying for The Bulawayo Shelter and Rennie Grove Hospice.

The Bulawayo Shelter in Zimbabwe is a Christian charity run by a committee made up from volunteers from all the churches in the city. They support a small staff led by Peter Machida, providing food and shelter for approximately 30 residents: men, women and some children now with others joining them for a meal during the day. As Zimbabwe continues to struggle economically, many have no other place to turn to for help. Their ethos is based upon James 2: v14-17. They have asked us to pray:

  • That we can find one or two new younger members to join the Committee to help our willing, but ageing, team going forward.
  • That the person who has volunteered to help get our accounts up to date will manage to do so in good time.
  • We thank God that we have had no covid cases at the Shelter and pray for His continued protection.

The Rennie Grove Hospice provides specialist care and support at home for adults and children with a life limiting illness. They have asked us to pray:

  • For the nursing staff who are under stress due to vacancies, still having to wear full PPE and follow Covid protocols and the ongoing high demand for their service.
  • For nurses to come forward to fill vacancies. 
  • For all individuals and families who are supported by Rennie Grove Hospice at this time 

Louise from Rennie Grove Hospice has expressed their thanks for our prayers and that we take time to focus on Rennie Grove Hospice.  

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