As many of you are aware, we are using a system called ChurchSuite to manage much of the data we hold for Sunnyside & Bourne End.  ChurchSuite enables us to improve the accuracy, security and integrity of the data we hold, including contact details, rotas and safeguarding information.

Within ChurchSuite, the MyChurchSuite app allows you to keep your contact details up to date and to view & manage information on any rotas for which you are part of the team. If you are not already using MyChurchSuite, over the next couple of weeks you will receive an invitation email, which contains a unique login-link that is used to access MyChurchSuite for the first time and to set your password. In a separate email, you will also receive a set of instructions on how to install the MyChurchSuite app on your mobile phone or tablet, or to use MyChurchSuite via the internet. 

Once you have this information you will be able to use MyChurchSuite to confirm and change your personal details and preferences, and to manage your involvement with any rotas for which you have volunteered.  For example, you will be able to initiate a swap if you become unavailable for a session to which you have committed.

Please note that access to MyChurchSuite is based on your email address so it’s important that we have the correct address for you. Those without an email address will not be able to access MyChurchSuite. If you share an email address you’ll each receive separate personalised email invitations to the same inbox but to different names. In this case, please be sure to click the link in the email addressed to you by name.

Once the emails have been sent and you have had a chance to install the software, we will be running a number of clinics between services on Sunday mornings, where we will help you resolve any issues you may have with the software.

ChurchSuite is already improving the way we work by providing a consistent underlying structure to support many of the tasks we undertake.  This next step will simplify greatly the way rotas are managed, by making the up-to-date rotas visible to all rota members, with the ability to record unavailability and to add & swap shifts as required.


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    Lesley Culley says

    Great! I’ll definitely sign up.

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    JaneColes says

    How do I find the Sunday coffee rota?

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      Gail says

      I can’t find it either!

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    JaneColes says

    How do I find the Sunday coffee rota?

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