November: Join a Team

Nothing that we do at Sunnyside would be possible without the amazing people who serve in so many different ways. Thank you to all those who give so generously of your gifts and time; we are hugely grateful. Thank you to those of you who do big jobs and those who faithfully do small ones; thank you to those of you whose serving we see and those whose serving is only seen by God.

Serving at Sunnyside is not only a good way of helping us do those things that make us the church we are like worship, children and youth work and pastoral care, but being part of a team is a great way of getting to know people. It can also be extremely satisfying and great fun!

We can only continue things like coffee, Friday Youth Clubs, lunch club and supporting those who need our help, if people are willing to serve. Sometimes having a large staff team and knowing that lots of people are serving can make us think that we are not needed or we that could not do something that excites us, but that is not true. With the changes in staff and likely gap before the new staff arrive, it is more important than ever that we all think about how we can play our part. We are Christ’s body here at Sunnyside and God has given us all the resources we need (including people) to do the things he is calling us to do. So we need you!

How might you get more involved with what God is doing at Sunnyside? Speak to Rebecca, Rachel or one of the staff to find out more. 

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