Mission Focus : May 2023

Each month we pray for two of our mission partners. During May we are praying for Bible Society and Home-Start Hertfordshire.

Bible Society is ‘on a mission to bring the Bible to life for every man, woman and child’. It invites people to discover the Bible’s message for themselves, even if they’ve never thought the Bible was for them. It wants them to read it, to be excited by it and to find their lives changed by it.

Dina Katancho, who leads the Arab-Israeli Bible Society, reports that recently Christian schools in Nazareth have been attacked. ‘We are not used to such violent events, especially in relation to our schools,’ said Bishop Rafic Nahra, who works with Dina in Nazareth. ‘Church schools here have a good reputation. They are places open to Christian and Muslim students. They are places of common life.’ Dina says that one school was shot at, and at another school a staff member was threatened. Thankfully, nobody was injured in either attack. Please pray with Dina for:

  • the safety of Christian schools and pupils in Nazareth and across the Bible Lands.
  • peace between Jews, Christians and Muslims.
  • the faith of believers and churches in Nazareth, as they face these challenges, praying that they will have the courage to continue to be salt and light.
  • the people who carried out these attacks will come to know Jesus.

Home-Start Hertfordshire provides families struggling with post natal depression, isolation, physical health issues, mental health concerns, bereavement and  many other issues with the support of volunteer family mentors. Through practical and emotional support they make sure parents have the skills, confidence and strength to nurture their children so they have the best start in life. They have asked us to pray for:

  • all the families they support especially during this time of the cost of living crisis
  • volunteers to  come forward to be family mentors (information is available if you are interested in this role)
  • Suzy in her role of CEO

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